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What You Need to Know About Car Control Arms

Like most car owners, you have probably never heard of the term “car control arms”. You likely assume it’s something for your mechanic to take care of. 

There’s some truth to that, but knowing a little about car control arms can be valuable. Read on for a thorough overview of what car control arms do, and how you can determine whether it is working fine.

What are car control arms? 

Car control arms are an important component of the suspension of your vehicle. Car control arms are moving parts, able to move up and down to help produce a smooth ride for the passengers.

How important are car control arms? 

Very important. If car control arms didn’t exist, then your riding experience will be uncomfortable. You and your passengers will be frequently bounced out of your seats.   

Can car control arms wear down?

They can indeed. Due to the nature of the work they perform, car control arms are liable to wear down. As a moving part that exists to help absorb the movement of the tires, car control arms are vulnerable. 

How can I tell if my control arms are wearing down? 

These are signs that there are issues with the control arms (or the connected bushings and ball joints):

  • Steering wheel vibrations. This vibrations will be particularly noticeable during periods of accelerations and may ease off when you have reached cruising speed. All steering wheels experience some vibration, but in this instance, it will be more severe.
  • Wandering steering. Your car seems to be pulling to one side rather than staying its course on a flat road surface.
  • Noises when driving over rough terrain. You will hear noises from your suspension — often described as “clunking” or “banging” — when driving over a rough or bumpy terrain. 

If you notice any of the signs above, then it’s vital you take your vehicle for a thorough inspection by a mechanic. While control arms can be time-consuming to replace, they’re an essential part of your vehicle. You need to ensure that they’re always in the best condition possible. 

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